Khichari: Kapha - Strong Flavor
Khichari: Kapha - Strong Flavor
Khichari: Kapha - Strong Flavor
Khichari: Kapha - Strong Flavor
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Khichari: Kapha - Strong Flavor

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Ayurveda’s culinary centerpiece, Khichari (pronounced KI-cha-REE) is India’s one-pot grain and bean dish. This comforting, complete protein recipe is the perfect on-the-go meal for any time of the day. The soaked, rinsed, and dehydrated ingredients and our freshly ground spice blend make this nourishing and cleansing meal convenient to eat healthy and feel good. Its simplicity allows for easy digestion while serving as a base for countless variations by adding your choice of vegetables and garnishes.

We suggest making with ghee or olive oil, lime juice, and fresh herbs such as dill or mint. For adding vegetables to the Kapha Khichari, we recommend cauliflower, broccoli, daikon radish, asparagus, zucchini, Brussels sprouts, all leafy greens, sunchokes.


The Healing and Detox Benefits of Khichari

excerpt from What to Eat for How You Feel: The New Ayurvedic Kitchen, by Divya Alter (Rizzoli, 2017)

  • It’s a complete protein. There is no coincidence that the combination of rice and beans has been a staple around the world for thousands of years. Grains and legumes contain partial amino acids on their own. When eaten together (as in khichari), rice and beans provide all the essential amino acids for nutritionally sustainable meals, perfect for those on a plant-based diet.
  • It helps burn body fat while keeping blood sugar stable. Many water fasts or juice cleanses strain and deplete blood sugar reserves, which can make you extremely hungry or irritable and give you severe headaches. While one of the goals of a fast is to shift the body into fat-burning metabolism, this will not happen if the body is under stress and strain as a result of an extreme fast. On a khichari cleanse day, you are eating a delicious complete protein dish three times a day, so there is no starvation response whatsoever. Dr. John Douillard, a renowned Ayurvedic practitioner and author, advises us that if we are straining or hungry during a cleanse, we are not getting the optimal benefits. The more comfortable we are, the more fat we will burn (if we need to burn fat, that is).
  • It’s nourishing yet easy to digest. White basmati rice, quinoa, and yellow split mung dal are easy to assimilate, placing less of a burden on digestion. It is especially important to use them rather than the other bean options during a cleanse because the metabolism slows down and the digestive strength weakens when cleansing. Heavier brown rice, chana dal, red lentils, or mung beans with the husks may irritate the intestinal wall and cause digestive gas or abdominal pain.
  • It helps heal the gut. As it is so easy to digest, khichari heals and soothes the intestinal wall. Stress can often irritate the gut and compromise digestion, which will then make the body more clogged with toxins from indigestion. Eating just khichari allows much of the digestion to be at rest while providing the nutrition needed to heal the gut and nourish the body. 
  • It supports spiritual practice. The adequate protein and stable blood sugar that khichari offers can facilitate feelings of inner peace and stillness. For this reason, khichari is often served in ashrams and monasteries to support spiritual practitioners’ access to deeper states of mental clarity, emotional tranquility, and enlightenment through meditation.

Customer Reviews

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Julianne Haycox
Labels: Very clear and informative
Preperation: Very simple
Taste: I think the products are perfect!
Improvements?: No, I love it so much!
The most healing and delicious I have ever eaten!

I have purchased all of the different khichari from Divya’s as well as the soothing mung soup. They are beautifully made and not only taste delicious, they are truly healing. I will be ordering Divya’s products on a regular basis!

Labels: Yes
Preperation: Yes
Taste: No - it's great as is!
Love this! Has made my weeks simplier and healthier.

Cooks quickly, has great ingredients, and has added so much convenience in my week for preparing a healthy seasonal meal base. I love cooking it with broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and fresh herbs on top.

Lynne Schauble
Labels: Yes!
Preperation: Very easy!
Taste: It's perfect the way it is!
Improvements?: You have made a brilliant product that is healthy, convenient and affordable! Thank you!
My favorite kitchari!

I used to make my own kitchari, but now I order Divya's because it's delicious, convenient and very easy to make. I get 3 meals out of one package which makes it very affordable.

Labels: Y
Preperation: Y
Taste: N
Delicious and easy

Delicious and easy! Put this in my instant pot with some veggies and chicken and it was delicious love the flavor too

Labels: Yes.
Preperation: Yes very clear and simple.
Taste: Nothing it’s perfect.
Improvements?: Nothing to add just please make more and more products like this available!
Healthy and Satisfying Comfort Food

This khichari is a delight! Healthy comfort food at its best. Very versatile as a base for a variety of vegetables as well. My family is so happy that we discovered Divya’s healthy foods available for delivery.