Ayurvedic Cultured Ghee
Ayurvedic Cultured Ghee
Ayurvedic Cultured Ghee
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Ayurvedic Cultured Ghee

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Our Ayurvedic Cultured Ghee is made in small batches from butter churned from cultured organic cream yogurt. Ghee is the deeply nourishing core essence of milk. It has all of butter’s micronutrients and antioxidants but lacks the water, milk casein, and lactose. Compared to the ghee widely available on the market, our cultured ghee is much lighter and easier to digest. It helps repair the lining of the gut, nourish the skin and the brain, and more. Having a smoke point of 485℉, ghee is an excellent oil for cooking, roasting, or pan frying.

Contains 8 oz / Weight 14.2 oz


Some Healing Benefits of Ghee:

*as described in the Charaka Samhita and other Sanskrit texts

  • Supports the brain’s functions of learning, retention, and recall
  • Aids in healing the lining of the gut
  • Promotes overall longevity
  • Enhances complexion and glow of the face and body
  • Provides sustaining energy
  • Produces healthy bile by supporting the liver
  • Helps decrease bad cholesterol
  • Regulates fat metabolism

How to Use It:

  • Ghee’s smoke point is 485°F, making it an ideal base oil for boiling, sautéing, roasting, baking, and pan frying.
  • Melt the ghee on medium-low heat to pan fry spices, flatbreads, patties, and pancakes or to sauté vegetables. Protect it from smoking and burning because burned ghee is very unhealthy and should be discarded.
  • Never reuse ghee (or any oil!) that is left over from cooking. 
  • Discard rancid ghee (whitish in color).
  • Yes, you may spread it on hot toast!

    Customer Reviews

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    Label: Missing ingredients? Add Ingredients: Fresh cultured butter (Organic heavy cream)
    Taste: No, it is perfect
    Improvements?: Offer bigger ounces!
    Pure, rich, golden!!!!

    OMG the purest, richest, most mouth-watering flavor!! This true golden organic ghee is incredibly addictive! Seriously, the best ghee ever and I've tried a few different brands. I add it by the tablespoons to my Khichari and Soothing Mung Soup. I blew through one jar in a week and bought 3 more for good measure. It is wildly flavorful and adds the most perfect, most pure taste. This is the only ghee I'd ever buy from now on!

    Label: yes
    Taste: no
    Improvements?: no
    Excellent product!

    By car superior to “regular ghee” in taste and nutrients.

    Label: Yes
    Taste: N/a
    Amazing ghee, but even better professionalism.

    A while ago, I ordered a bottle of ghee, and felt that it went rancid after I had put it in the fridge. I contacted the folks at Divya's kitchen and they quickly sent a replacement, but also did a testing of their batch from that date. I now realized what went wrong (my goof, I somehow let moisture seep into the bottle while measuring out ghee for recipes). What can I say abt the ghee--every morsel of its purity reaches the tips of ur taste buds and has become a staple for my cooking. Thank u so much :)

    Label: Yes
    Taste: Nothing. It's absolutely perfect!
    Improvements?: Make it in a bigger size....I go through it way too fast.

    I've tried a ton of ghee in the past, nothing comes close to this. I am sensitive to dairy and must avoid it. I even have reactions to ghee....until I tried Divya's. I have absolutely ZERO reaction to it. I've been using it daily for months with absolutely no negative reactions. I'm so thankful to Divya for making such high quality ghee.

    Label: except didn't see 'organic'
    Taste: nope
    Improvements?: put organic clearly on label
    love this ghee......yummy, healthy.........

    love this ghee.....yummy and healthy! use for sautéing, in cereals, roasting veggies......baking in place of oils,