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Last year’s flirtation with the super-spice turmeric has grown into a full-on romance with ayurvedic cuisine. With its roots in ancient Indian alternative medicine, ayurvedic eating dictates not only what you eat, but how you eat it (which should be only when hungry and in a calm environment — not difficult, then). New York’s first ayurvedic restaurant, Divya’s Kitchen, opened in October, and in the UK Jasmine Hemsley — of sisters fame — launched an ayurvedic pop-up, East by West, and has a cookbook out later this year. “The most important aspect of
ayurveda is digestion. Ayurveda follows the principle that cooked food stokes the digestive fire: it favours soups, stews and hot drinks,” Hemsley says. “Think soupy dhals, spiced curries (without the chillies), light breakfasts and suppers, and lunch as the main meal of the day.”

Source: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/whats-hot-for-2017-qx8vsqhtb

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